Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chapter 7

     "You know, I have been thinking about the marsh land down by the river drawing low tides and figure that now is time to dig it out for those rice paddies," Duncan said breaking the silence.  "Aye, like we planned."
     Angus drew a deep breath and relieved himself of the misery of the last several days of seeing to Mrs. Drayton and the funeral. "Where would you put the flood gate, pa?"
     "While the tide was low, I sunk a post into the marsh near the river's edge. The tide near covered it, so I figure that we could capture about four feet of water.  That is deep enough to keep it  flooded and to discourage weeds."
     "I suppose could borrow some of the Drayton darkies who dug the Colonel's paddies. I am thinking to copy the Colonel's crop designs," Angus said, thinking that in a sense the Colonel would still be iinfluencing his life. Then he murmured under his breath. "He is nay gone to me. . He is 'here'."
     "What? What is that you say?"
     "Nothing, pa, just muttering to meself."

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